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By | February 9, 2015

Easy way to renew roadtax with MyEG

MyEG road_taxMyEG is Malaysia’s E-Government Services provider which allows you to transact with various government agencies online. MyEG provide easy and fast process for

  • Road Tax renewal
  • Auto Insurance renewal

Why should I use MyEG service?

  • Besides MyEG being convenient & time efficient, users could get their road tax/auto insurance delievered to their doorstep.This service is hassle-free, time-saving, cost-effective and accessible at any time. You can also choose to have the road tax delivered to you.
  • It also pays to use the service, as users could enjoy up to a 30% discount on their road tax!
  • Furthermore, you are not required to use your Registration Card to complete the renewal process. However, ensure that you have a valid auto insurance/takaful before you attempt to renew your road tax.

Who can use this service?

Anyone who has a Malaysian registered vehicle with JPJ can use MyEG to renew their road tax. You don’t even need to register for an account. Just log on to and fill in the JPJ Online Road Tax renewal e-form.

How do I make a payment?

You can make online payment via M2U by direct debit from your Maybank account or Credit Card.

  • Credit or debit card – Visa or Master
  • FPX – Deduction from your bank account through FPX
  • Online Banking – Direct deduction from your Bank account (M2U and HLB)

Easy step to renew road tax with MyEG

Step1 – Visit MyEG Portal

Just log on to and fill in the JPJ Online Road Tax renewal e-form.  But before that, you need to have Car Insurance which you can also buy with MyEG (only Etiqa and RHB Assurance available at the moment).  Next go to

Step 2 : Fill in the E-Form

Fill up the JPJ Online Road Tax renewal e-form.

Step 3 : Insurance Details

When you have done with the form, click proceed.  MyEG system  will verify your data through the JPJ system.

Step 4 : Make Payments

There are three ways to make payments:

  • Credit or debit card – Visa or Master
  • FPX – Deduction from your bank account through FPX
  • Online Banking – Direct deduction from your Bank account (M2U and HLB)

Step 5 : Print E-Receipt for Record

Every successful transaction will be issued with e-Services receipt via email.

How will I receive my road tax after I have completed my payment?

  • We will deliver to your doorstep with delivery charges levied as follows:Klang Valley : RM6.00 (2 working days)
    Peninsular Malaysia : RM8.00 (with 2-3 working days)
    Sabah & Sarawak : RM10.00 (within 5 working days)
    Express delivery (within Klang Valley) : RM20 (within 6 hours) *T&C apply
  • Biometrics thumbprint will be conducted upon ALL DELIVERIES by MyEG Services Logistics Officers to verify and record the details of the person receiving the road tax.
  • In the event the MyKad is faulty or cannot be read, our Logistics Officers will take a snapshot of the MyKad to ensure that there is no dispute on who accepts the road tax.

Please be assured that the photo of your MyKad will not be used for any other purpose besides this verification.

Frequently Asked Question on MyEG Services

Do I need to print my Registration Card?
With MyEG, you are no longer required to have the RC printed. If needed (perhaps because of claims), you can call us at 03-7801 8888, and we will assist you to get it printed. Otherwise, you may just continue to renew online again the following year.

Is it safe to renew my road tax online?
Yes, it is safe and secure. The online road tax renewal through MyEG’s website has been audited, verified and approved by Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan and the Malaysian Government. The Government has given the mandate to MyEG Services to provide the online renewal services.

Can I renew my road tax if I have outstanding traffic summonses?
During the renewal process, Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan online service will check any outstanding summons and blacklist records at both JPJ and PDRM’s database systems. In order to proceed with this renewal, it is necessary for you to make payment for all your outstanding traffic offences recorded.

How do I go about making a claim on damages?

  • Maybank Etiqa – Call Claim Assist at 1-300-88-1007 for assistance.
  • RHB Insurance Helpline – Call 1-300-88-0881 for assistance.
  • MAA Takaful – Call 03-76283773 for assistance.
  • MAA Takaful Towing Service numbers:
    – 2011 policy issued: 1-300-88-6222 / 03-92362000.
    – 2012 policy issued: 03-76283773 / 03-78415660.
  • Kurnia Insurans – Call 1800-88-3833 for assistance.
  • Chartis Insurance – Call 1 300 883 933 / 03-76283660 – 24 hours daily.

MYEG Customer Service

You may call the following numbers from Monday-Friday between 9.00am to 6.00pm. Customer Service – 03-7801 8888 (Road Tax and Insurance Renewals).


Renew roadtax with MyEG is easy and fast. Try it now.

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